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March 2019

Just want to say a big thank you to Ellie Coales for looking after Gem whilst i was on holiday. She came and collected her and cared for her while we were away. Ellie sent updates on how she was getting on and it was so nice to relax knowing that Ellie would cope with any situation that may have happened while she was there. Would highly recommend anyone to send horses to her whether it be schooling, breaking or just to be looking after. thanks again Ellie.

Debbie Dunne

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May 2018

We sent a difficult Tb to Ellie to work with and then to sell as we didn't have the time for him. The transformation was amazing. Ellie got him jumping within a week and her time and patience with potential buyers was second to none. Would not hesitate to use her expertise again. 

Glynis Briggs

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April 2017

I sent my 5 year old gelding to Ellie for rehabilitation livery after a long period of time off and box rest over the winter. Due to the type of injury that he had he needed bringing back into work slowly strengthening and restricted turnout. He spent 5 weeks with Ellie and during that time with her the difference was amazing. She did exactly what was needed with him, you could see him developing in just that short time. She spent a lot of time on ground and pole work as requested and he had improved enough that she was able to ride him during the last week. Ellie updated me throughout Tom's time there with messages, phone calls and videos and i visited the yard to see him being worked too. She always contacted me to discuss and agree on any changes she felt needed to be made to his management/routine to improve the outcome. 
Ellie is clearly very experienced and has a natural affinity with horses. She was always calm and confident whilst handling Tom which in turn meant that he was very relaxed and happy in his work, which the vets commented on when i sent on the videos of his progress. I would not hesitate to send Tom back to spend some more time with Ellie and i am hoping to later in the year as his recovery continues. She even arranged for collection and return to my yard which took the stress of arranging transport out of the equation. Thank you Ellie.

Lauren Bishop.

Reference for Ellie Coales:
May 2016

Ellie was recommended to me by friends to use her for schooling livery. Ellie came to collect one other horse from the yard so i was happy to send 'Riri' over to her as well. I would certainly recommend Ellie Coales for training any horse or pony. She has just schooled my Welsh sec D x Cob for 4 weeks. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me, she is a completely different horse and for the better. 

Tracey Jennings.

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July 2015

 I found Ellie via Facebook, i had a 4 yrd Welsh section C which was backed but as she didn't grow big enough for me to ride (13hh) I decided to send her away for schooling to help her get the best start possible and to set her up for her life ahead. 
 I contacted Ellie she was very helpful and i decided i would send her for 4 weeks training, we took her over, stable was all ready and prepared for her.. beautiful airy stable. After 1 week i went to visit her and couldn't beli
eve the transformation,  she had slimmed down (she needed this) looked sparkling and when i watched Ellie ride her i was amazing at how calm but effective she was, i left knowing i'd made the right decision. She was there for sales livery, Ellie organised all the adverts and just asked me questions as and when needed. After 3 weeks she advised the first person wanted to come and try her, so i went over and watched Ellie ride before the child. WOW is the only thing i can say, this pony was stunning, she moved so well. Every transition was spot on, completely gobsmacked. She also was jumping her and jumped her up to 1 m. When the child rode her she was so well behaved and done everything the child asked of her, they decided to buy her (couldn't blame them). After seeing how well she schooled this mare, when i was buying another larger horse it opened lots of doors for me and i decided to buy another youngster and i will be getting used to him and then will send him to Ellie to create her magic on him. If i hadn't witnessed for myself the transformation, i would have bought an older horse already done stuff with probably bad habit's,  this way i have my horse fresha and will have the best start. Well that is if she will take him hehehehe. Thanks very much Ellie for everything, put my mind to rest knowing islay had the best start and went to a great home, priceless.

Tracey Watson

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October 2014

My young nervous new forest gelding 'Solo' went to Ellie for breaking in September 2014.
He was very needy and would panic and jump out of his stable when left alone. He was also quite Bolshy on the ground. Ellie initially had Solo for 4 weeks, during which time she broke him to walk, trot and canter. She also allowed us to visit each weekend and gave us a little demonstration of his progress, which was lovely and unexpected. Ellie then agreed to have Solo for a further two weeks while we went on holiday, during which time she taught him to jump. Solo is now very calm and settled and more than happy to be in his stable. Ellie always puts the needs of the horses first. She's a very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly young woman who is professional in all she does. Solo was very well looked after for the six weeks weeks he was with Ellie - I don't think he's ever been so clean! I couldn't recommend Ellie Coales and EJs Equestrian enough, thank you for all you've done for us. 

Katherine Fletcher

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April 2014

Horse: Gwenside Flying Comet, rising 10 years

Comet had been turned away for the Winter, he is a really honest horse, but winters really badly, looses far too much weight, but we had no option this Winter. Ellie suggested 2 months training to bring him back into work and then 2 months competing.
When Ellie received Comet onto the yard we could tell that he would be fine. We were shown his area for feed, beddings and rugs and his freshly cleaned stable. Comet settled in quickly being worked later on his first day, he was also clipped and Ellie advised on what he should be fed. With Ellie you get a complete service for the good of the horse.  Ellie tells you straight what is going to happen, based on what she feels your horse can cope with, she speaks with authority and clarity, giving a sense of knowledge. Ellie welcomes you to watch her training sessions, she tells you what she has noticed and how she is working on corrections. You are always welcome to visit. Horses are turned out in a herd, so lovely to see them all grazing together. It was a sad decision to sell Comet, his owner (my daughter) got a job in London and was unable to get back every weekend so riding him was an issue and Comet loves being ridden. Ellie found a lovely young man that seemed to bond with Comet straight away, she rode the 5 stage vetting and carried out all the negotiations. Ellie is a wonderful young lady, only 17, her yard is very well run, and has a very supportive family around.

Dawn Morton

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April 2013

My mare Babs, 13.3h welsh cross went to Ellie Coales for breaking in.  Babs went to Ellie‚Äôs as an unbroken 3 year old with little experience with having tack on and she had not been ridden before.Babs was there for four weeks. In this time Ellie lunged Babs with tack on and got her listening to voice commands. Ellie rode Babs and got her moving forward with a rider on her. Ellie schooled Babs in walk trot and canter. Ellie also took Babs on a hack on her own and in company.By the end of the stay Babs had walked out on her own, jumped a series of small jumps, able to talk trot and canter with a rider on.Ellie ensured that I was able to ride Babs before she left her yard. Ellie gave me several lessons on Babs and gave me confidence to ride her in walk trot and canter. Ellie kept Babs in good condition, groomed, hayed, hard feed and cleaned out every day. Ellie gave useful advice with regards to how to keep Babs in good condition and how to go forward with riding a young horse. Ellie also helped with tack fitting and advice about what training aids to use with Babs when she had finished her stay.  Ellie demonstrated diligence when Babs had colic and ensured the vet was called she also monitored her as well.Ellie also helped and provided transport for moving Babs to the yard for breaking and ensured that Babs returned safely and in one piece. Ellie achieved what was agreed with Babs and was helpful, informative and rode Babs with confidence.

Beth Wallis.

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Ben - my 5 year old TB x Cob was sent to Ellie for 2 weeks in May/June 2011. Before he went he was fidgity, played with his bit, would carry his head extreamly high and had very poor balance. He would also struggle with his transitions and I used to struggle to get his bridle on sometimes, this was all due to lack of experience and him being a youngster. When Ben came back from Ellie the difference was amazing. He is now much more sure of himself and his footing, he will stand patiently when asked and also has learnt his transitions from walk to trot, trot to canter. He had been well cared for whilst there and came back looking pristine, shiney and very relaxed. I can also get his bridle on now with ease. Ellie provided a completely hassle free service to me and also collected Ben and dropped him back at the end of the training. I would recommend her to anyone and am very grateful for the work she has done with my boy.

Sarah James 

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Ellie had my 5 year old horse 'Blue Who' for 4 days in September 2011 to school and hack him. He was known to be a problem horse and Ellie re-schooled him to not buck in canter and take the correct canter lead, and to hack in traffic calmly. I was very pleased with how she schooled him, it showed great ability. I'd certainly use Ellie to ride my horse/horses again and vouch for her riding capability.

Yours Sincerely,

Harriett Sara Tree

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I sent my pony to Ellie at the beginning of July to be broken in to ride. She was a very nervous pony and was very head shy. You could not stroke her head to put her headcoller on, she was that bad. In the 3 weeks that Ellie had her she changed so much. With Ellie's great help you can now stroke her head and she does not care, you can also happily bridle her and put her headcoller on. She is now being ridden off the lead in walk, trot and canter on both reins and has popped some small jumps, which i am really happy with. Ellie has worked so hard with my mare and bonded very quickly with her. I am very happy with what Ellie has done. She keeps you updated with video's, photo's and by text. I would use her again as she is fantastic in what she does and i would highly recommend her to friends.

Sarah Yates.