Prices for 2020

 Prices for breaking and schooling livery:

Full livery (breaking & schooling livery):

Stabled & Grazing: £110.

Sales livery: £100.

Clipping Charges;

Full/Hunter clip: £40

Trace and blanket: £30

Breaking ponies under 13hh to harness: £95.

Holiday Care: £85 - £110.

Competition livery £150.

 Prices are done weekly and the price includes work 6 days a week, a stable, bedding, hay, shavings, grazing and basic hard feed.

Other hard feed/supplements, rugs and tack to be provided by owner. I will only provide tack for breaking youngsters. 

Money to be paid weekly upfront, either by cash or bank transfer. 

When the horse or pony is out in the field, they will be fully booted so they are fully protected, they will also be turnout individually.

Happy to be paid either by cash or bank transfer.